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Springtime is Greens Time!

The theme for springtime is cleansing. In western herbalism it is common to do a fast and/or cleanse in the spring to give the liver a break and allow the body to detoxify itself – a process that is constant and can be hampered by eating heavy foods, stress, lack of sleep, environmental toxins, etc.

Our favorite nutritional supplement to support this is green super foods; the cereal greens – wheatgrass, barley grass, oat grass and the sea greens – chlorella, spirulina, blue-green algae, kelp, seaweeds. Some brands add enzymes and probiotics and some add extra liver cleansers such as milk thistle, dandelion, and burdock – caution on these colder herbs for weaker, colder, or those with gallbladder issues.

Green superfoods often come in blends or are added to other products. Do what appeals to you!

The body’s detoxifying processes are made easier by avoiding or decreasing heavy hard to digest foods – sticky grains, dairy, meats and alcohol.

*Note – toxins move through your blood to your bowels for removal. If your bowels are not moving at least once a day, you may wish to do a short-term colon cleanse, colon hydrotherapy, or longer term take a magnesium supplement and eat more veggies and less sticky heavy grains and meat in order to facilitate better detoxification. If your bowels refuse to move regularly with these changes, consult your healthcare practitioner.

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