Fish Oil, Multivitamins, and Chinese Medicine


Not surprising if you know me, my first blog is not based on Chinese Medicine!  

After people get to know me and find out my experience in the natural health field, they often ask me for product recommendations.  Recently I was asked to recommend Omega 3 and Multivitamin products and I’ve decided to share them here along with my reasons for the recommendation.

Best Omega 3 supplements

What should you notice:  if your body and brain is lacking adequate omega 3 (which is common considering not many foods contain it), an omega 3 that works for you should improve cognition and inflammation.  

  • Best for purity – Nordic Naturals
    • My go to recommendation
    • Powerful strong options available for those with high needs
    • Has a very pure prenatal dha
  • Best absorption and flavor – Barleans High Potency Omega 3 Flavored Smoothies
    • Tastes like a fruit flavored pudding
    • Doesn’t contain sugar (has the sugar alcohol xylitol)
    • Be sure to swish it around the mouth to increase absorption
  • Very powerful – Minami supercritical extract
    • Reports of experiencing powerful improvements in cognition

Best Multivitamins

What you should notice:  If a multi is providing you nutrients you were missing prior to taking it, you should notice improvements in energy, sleep, stamina, and/or ability to handle stress.

  • Best high potency for energy – Nature’s Plus Source of Life
    • with a good amount of phytoalgae, a little tcm tidbit – this is a good choice for those who tend to feel hot and damp
  • Best to digest or take on an empty stomach – Megafood
    • very easy to digest, can even be taken on an empty stomach
    • fermentation makes nutrients bioavailable
  • Best for people with sensitivities and those who may not be able to covert B-vitamins into their useable form – Naturelo whole food multi
    • no GMOs, no soy, no gluten, no coloring/flavoring, no preservatives
    • Is vegan

When trying a new supplement, first document how you feel, rate your complaints on a 1-10 scale.  Then take the supplement very consistently according to the label or your healthcare practitioner.  After a month, come back to your list, re-rate your complaints. Where do you see differences? Does anyone else notice differences in you?

All of that being said, if you think or have been told you need a supplement, but nothing seems to make you feel better, Chinese Medicine may have an answer.  Your body’s ability to process, absorb, and utilize food and/or supplements may be compromised.

Since Chinese Medicine works by taking into account your own body’s signs and symptoms and then giving it what it’s asking for, it can allow the body to correct imbalances on it’s own.  If nothing seems to be helping, schedule an appointment to find out how Chinese Medicine can!

Disclaimer:  Non-tcm recommendations are from my extensive history as a nutritional sales consultant and are not considered medical advice.  These are my opinions based on years of trying and recommending supplements and getting feedback from others. Supplements change over the years, always read the label.  Always consult your healthcare provider before beginning a new regimen. I am not being compensated by anyone for these recommendations.

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