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Natural Health: Preparing for Sleep

Do you have insomnia? Trouble falling asleep? Waking at strange hours unable to return to sleep? Countless health issues can be caused or aggravated by inadequate sleep. Here is why Chinese medicine can help and tips to properly prepare for and optimize quality sleep.

Sleep is supposed to be easy: just stop what you are doing, turn off the lights, lay down and close your eyes, right? This does not necessarily work for everyone and Chinese medicine gives us insight into why.

For thousands of years, the Chinese and undoubtedly other ancient cultures understood that we should follow the natural rhythms of the planet. The Chinese Medicine 24-Hour Circadian Clock (illustrated in the picture) explains how qi (energy) flows through our organ systems (including all channels & organs) throughout the day. The qi is concentrated in the corresponding element/organ systems at the time noted.

Tips for a Healthy Night’s Sleep

Practitioners of Chinese Medicine a.k.a. Acupuncturists study for years and are trained to recognize patterns and symptoms that illuminate an overarching issue that could be affecting your sleep and as a result your health in general. Sleep quality is just one of the signs acupuncturists use to diagnosis and treat patients to promote optimize wellness.

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