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Natural Medicine Cabinet: Top 5 for Immune Support

My journey into natural health and wellness began in 2006 when I began working at a large health food store. Having already struggled for 8 years with chronic fatigue, constant infections, and whole body pain with little to no improvement through modern channels, a teenager looked at my fingernails and gave me an herbal supplement that improved my situation overnight changing my life and my perspective about health and healing forever! After that I learned and tried everything I could about natural health and was able to help myself and others with what I’d learned. The challenging journey eventually led me to study East Asian medicine and to found Herb & Tao to continue learning and teaching others to heal naturally. Keep reading to enjoy the fruits of my labor!

Beyond the basics that have widely become known for immune system support (Vitamins A, C, E, Zinc, Elderberry, Glutathione, Ginseng etc.) This blog is comprised of a number of items that due to their effectiveness and safety I’ve kept stocked in my medicine cabinet for over a decade. Most of these items are available in our natural apothecary for convenient access!


Argentyn 23 Silver Hydrosol – a smaller particle size than colloidal silver and a more potent version than Sovereign Silver Hydrosol (which we do carry for Kids). Literally an all-purpose antimicrobial, silver hydrosol is clear and tastes like water unless there is bacteria present in your mouth, then it tastes bitter! It comes conveniently as a nasal spray. Daily use is preventive.

Medinatura homeopathic nasal sprays ReBoost as a decongestant and ClearLife as an anti-allergic and decongestant. The loveliest thing about homoepathic nasal sprays is they do not excessively dry out mucus membranes and there is no rebound congestion in addition, used properly it reduces your need to use it! Homeopathy is most effective when used often at the first sign of congestion or irritation and used often. See the kids section below for links to short videos about homeopathy.

Ears & Throat

Garlic and Mullein ear oil – Ear pain and inflammation can be difficult to treat especially when it is not from a bacterial infection (hence antibiotics won’t work). Having an alternative can be a life saver in preventing an ear infection from becoming chronic. Mom taught us to use olive oil and. a cotton ball, but when I was introduced to olive oil infused with antimicrobial garlic and mullein, it was a game changer! Of course internal medicine is also needed to assist the body in fighting infection as well as avoidance of sugar dairy and processed foods.

Again, Argentyn 23 and Sovereign Silver Hydrosols to the rescue! Since the throat and ears are connected, they can affect one another so it is important to have something on hand at the first sign of irritation! We spray the throat at the first sign of soreness and it significantly reduces the severity and duration of a sore throat and can also be used with a dropper in the ears although we prefer ear oil overnight.

Traditional Chinese Formulas You Weren’t Aware You Were Taking!

Recognize this Traditional Medicinals Breathe Easy Tea? It contains a formula Bi Yan Pian also available in Guang Ci Tang pateint pills that is great for reducing congestion in the lung meridian which passes through the nose and sinuses.

Have you taken Airborne or LA Naturals Yin Qiao Plus herbal extract? They both contains many of the herbs found in Yin Qiao San (Pian) the Chinese herbal formula for a pattern we refer to as an wind-heat invasion including symptoms of fever or feeling hot, sore throat, sneezing, nasal congestion, and possibly red itchy or painful eyes or clogged ears.


Newton Homeopathics Airway Ease or Fever Infection – Kids have sensitive systems, so we recommend as a first line of defense the most gentle form of medicine, homeopathy! If you don’t know much about homeopathy, check out What is Homeopathy, a 6 minute video by Newton Homeopathics. We love Newton because not only are they extremely effective, but the tiny dose (3 drops), easy dropper bottle, and liquid format make it easy to administer. You can even put some on the earlobe of a sleeping child without disturbing their slumber!


In conclusion, our top five products we would not be without this cold and flu season are

  1. Potent Argentyn 23 or less concentrated Sovereign Silver Hydrosol spray, dropper, or nasal spray
  2. Medinatura Reboost or Clearlife homeopathic nasal spray
  3. Yin Qiao San or Yin Qiao Pian
  4. Homeopathy for cold and flu symptoms – Newton Homeopathics Flu Care, Cold & Sinus, Kids Airway Ease, or Kids Fever Infection
  5. Wally’s or LA Naturals garlic & mullein ear oil
  6. Honorable mentions Anti-microbial essential oils such as tea tree, pine, eucalyptus, peppermint, rosemary, clove, cinnamon, lemon, etc. Diffusing these in the home can help reduce microbes in the air. Use caution as these strong essential oils cannot be used on the skin without being diluted.

Of course, none of these products work miracles. Regular acupuncture can help keep you healthy, but if you do become sick, eating processed foods, sugars, and dairy will increase the amount and thickness of mucous/phlegm in your system and keep you sick longer no matter what you use. So do yourself a favor, keep plenty of fresh fruit and veggies in the house and if you do become sick increase your vitamins, make some congee (we love this recipe by Teri Calandra at CCHW, but we use 1 cup of basmati rice, 8-10 cups of water, 1/2 – 1 tbsp celtic sea salt, and then garnish after serving with boiled egg, seaweed, tamari soy sauce and sesame oil OR make a breakfast porridge with cooked pumpkin, cinnamon, butter and maple syrup), turn off the tv, put down the phone and get some rest so your body can recover; it knows what to do!

While supplements can be effective and safe, they do not replace the advice of a qualified health care professional. The above statements provide historical information, results from personal use, and reports from other individual’s use. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. FDA’s regulations require those who manufacture, package, or hold dietary supplements to follow current good manufacturing practices that help ensure the identity, purity, quality, strength, and composition of dietary supplements. Click here for more information about the FDA’s involvement with dietary supplements.

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