Photo-Therapy – it’s like Acupuncture without needles!

Finding ways that patients can enhance their treatments and their health effectively at home has become more important in the last several months as we prefer to stay home.

We’re pleased to have become a distributor for Lifewave – a company that produces small patches containing no medicine that can be used to treat the body through the same meridians we access using acupuncture or herbal medicine! These patches reflect the body’s own light-waves back on itself in order to stimulate the acupoints and produce the desired result.

It’s really quite simple. They recommend certain locations for each patch and show you where to put them on a picture of a human form. You stick them on like waterproof bandages. It couldn’t be easier and the results are astounding! If you like more in-depth information, studies have been done and can be seen via the link below.

Patches names and functions are as follows:

  • X39 – Reduce the signs of aging
  • Energy Enhancers – Increase energy, can be used like moxibustion to tonify/strengthen a specific meridian!
  • Icewave – Relieves pain, can be used to sedate/calm an overactive meridian!
  • Silent Nights – Improve quality and length of sleep
  • Aeon – Decrease inflammation and stress
  • Glutathione – Increase Glutathione for improved detoxification and immunity
  • Carnosine – Increase Carnosine for improved muscle recovery, strength, stamina, flexibility
  • SP6 – Reduce appetite and cravings for weight-loss
  • Nirvana – Improved endorphins for mood enhancement
  • Alavida – improves the hydration and appearance of skin
  • Aculife – because your horses need pain relief too!

Click here for links to purchase, see studies or learn more! Photo-therapy: No-Needle Acupuncture !

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