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East Asian Herbal Medicine & Acupuncture: South Loop, Hyde Park, Virtual – New Locations!

New South Loop Location inside Historic Dearborn Station!

Photo-Therapy – it’s like Acupuncture without needles!

Finding ways that patients can enhance their treatments and their health effectively at home has become more important in the last several months as we prefer to stay home. We’re pleased to have become a distributor for Lifewave – a company that produces small… Continue Reading “Photo-Therapy – it’s like Acupuncture without needles!”

Six things you need to know about Acupuncture

What is it good for? Absolutely Everything! Since traditional medicines predate modern medicine, they had to treat everything.  Our modern scope includes using our modalities, “to prevent or modify the perception of pain, to normalize physiological functions, or for the treatment of diseases or… Continue Reading “Six things you need to know about Acupuncture”

Why Acupuncture Helps with much more than pain!

Acupuncture is a part of a complete health system mostly known as Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) or more politically correct, Traditional East Asian Medicine. TEAM is a great acronym since a practitioner and his or her patient act together as a team to bring… Continue Reading “Why Acupuncture Helps with much more than pain!”

Natural Health: Preparing for Sleep

Do you have insomnia? Trouble falling asleep? Waking at strange hours unable to return to sleep? Countless health issues can be caused or aggravated by inadequate sleep. Here is why Chinese medicine can help and tips to properly prepare for and optimize quality sleep.… Continue Reading “Natural Health: Preparing for Sleep”

Chinese Medical Nutrition: Bone Broth

What is Bone Broth? Who needs it? What should I look for in my Bone Broth? Why do we eat/drink it? What does that have to do with Chinese Medicine?  Bone broth is simple, bones cooked in water for a long period of time… Continue Reading “Chinese Medical Nutrition: Bone Broth”